On completion of your business profile, we will determine what answers from your previous assessment can be mapped and applied to the same or similar question in version 4.0 so you do not need to answer those questions again.

There are exceptions to this:

  • If we detect a change in SAQ type following completion of your business profile
  • If multiple version 3.2.1 requirements were merged into a single requirement in version 4.0, we will only apply your previous answers if all the answers to the merging questions in version 3.2.1 are the same. For example:
    • Requirement 3.2.2 in version 3.2.1 maps directly to requirement in version 4.0, however,
    • Requirements 3.6.5(a), 3.6.5(b) and 3.6.5(c) in version 3.2.1 are merged into requirement 3.7.5 in version 4.0, so we will only apply your existing answers to 3.7.5 if 3.6.5(a), 3.6.5(b) and 3.6.5(c) are all answered and all answered with the same response.
  • If you previously indicated that you are not compliant with a particular requirement, you will be required to re-assess and provide a response to that question again.
  • Any of your previous assessment questions that were auto answered by the system, because of how you answered your business profile, will not be retained from version 3.2.1 to version 4.0. However, on completion of your business profile, a new set of auto-answer effects will be applied to your current assessment based on the new rules defined for version 4.0.